Passion Pit and their weird voice effects, singing children and certainly unique sound are a firm favourite of mine and they’ve got a new album out called ‘Gossamer‘. Yay!

‘Gossamer’ is their third album, and is very weird, something Passion Pit have certainly retained from their previous albums – but with genius comes madness and this album really is a little piece of brilliance.

Three songs stand out: the first is ‘ Take a Walk’ which keeps in line with Passion Pit’s upbeat nature, but is distinctly more ‘mainstream’ and lacks their almost creepy sound effects in their previous album. Nevertheless, this track is so catchy and is definitely going to be massive. ‘I’ll be Alright’ is more what I was expecting from Passion Pit. With a mash-up of their weird but unique sound effects, it sounds very similar to their previous album. Finally, ‘It’s not my fault, I’m happy’ is really gorgeous. So chilled but uplifting, this is one to listen to in the sun.

OVERALL RATING: 7/10. A couple of songs are just odd, but the album on the whole is definitely worth a buy (or at least a listen).

Here’s their website:

Also, catch them at Reading/Leeds festival, their only UK shows this year.

Gossamer - Passion Pit


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