Spector – Live at Village Underground

Photo: Press/Sam Seager

If there could ever be a concoction of The Killers pop anthems, combined with the energy in the songs of The Vaccines, dressed in the tailored appearance of HURTS and having the stage performances of The Hives, Spector would perhaps be the product. Nevertheless, Spector cannot be pinpointed, they have their own edge: Frederick Macpherson (the lead singer) has an incredibly unique but retro voice; their sound and look is very nostalgic and vintage; and they somehow pull off pairing Hawaiian shirts with suits. They’re going to be massive. And this is before they’ve even produced a second album.

After seeing them at Reading Festival on the NME/Radio 1 stage – one of their biggest shows and certainly one of the best live sets of the festival – it made me ridiculously happy to find that I had won tickets to a Logitech Product Launch with performances from Spector and Of Monsters and Men at Village Underground in Shoreditch.

Launching into an fiercely energetic set with Grey Shirt and Tie and What You Wanted, the crowd was a bit slow to get started. But, once the likes of  20 Nothing and True Love (For Now) came on, the crowd was submerged in the constant drums and catchy lyrics – clumsily dancing and shoving our hands in the air. The intimacy of the venue only did their songs favours as everyone jumped together, reaching our hands towards Fred as he moved closer forward, handing the microphone over to the crowd.

Fred Macpherson at Village Underground

Maybe it was the excitement of being at a spontaneous gig, maybe it was the energy of the songs or the consumption of alcohol, but I turned into a bit of a fan girl, singing along with Fred and grabbing his hands and cheeks. We also had a bit of friendly banter, after me screaming ‘Skepta!’ instead of Spector followed with him telling me to shut the fuck up and that I definitely couldn’t have free drinks. A man full of banter whilst managing to get the crowd absolutely buzzing? Definitely a cool guy.

Meeting Fred and drummer Danny after the gig also confirmed this. They’re not only ridiculously talented with a stage presence that’s rare and treasured in live bands, they’re really decent lads.

Buy their debut album ‘Enjoy it While It Lasts’ here.Enjoy It While It Lasts - Spector

Also, check them out on tour, cheap and a guaranteed good night.


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