BASTILLE @ Komedia, Brighton

Bastille is one of those bands that you can listen to endlessly, on repeat, before being cruelly and abruptly stopped by Spotify’s ‘five plays’ limit. They’re also one of those bands that come along, once in a while, and totally blow you away with their live performance. Made up of Dan Smith (lead singer), Chris Wood, Will Farquarson and Kyle Simmons, this band is one that if you haven’t already heard of, you will very soon.

There’s no way they can be characterised as simply ‘synth-pop’ which, generically, is the genre they’d fall under. Because, with Dan’s ridiculously flexible vocals, the raw and emotive lyrics and the atmospheric nature of their songs, they’re more than just an 80s influenced band. They’re new, with only a handful of their own songs such as ‘Flaws‘, which is being released tomorrow (21st October), yet they have already secured themselves slots at major festivals such as Reading and Leeds Festival earlier this year. Also, ‘Bad Blood‘, despite only being released in summer this year, has got over a million views. Need further convincing that this band is going to be massive? Read on further…

Supported by Swiss Lips on Thursday night, equally a band that has huge talent, Bastille were totally set up for when they arrived on the small, crowded stage of Komedia. I thought this would be a pretty chilled gig: I was hugely mistaken. The energy and genuine happiness from Bastille literally radiated throughout the venue: for an hour and quarter the crowd was buzzing, as if some kind of electricity was pulsing through our feet. Always interacting with the crowd, it was an intimate, friendly gig. Dan at one point walked straight into the crowd which, due to the impressive force of people near him wanting a closer touch, was a battle for him to stay upright.

Photo: Dan Smith @ Komedia by Annie Elliot

The crowd was utterly at their mercy for the entire night. Ending with ‘Of The Night’, an improved version of Corona’s 90s hit, everyone went mental. I even had to elbow off a couple of 14 year old girls who were insistent on pushing me out of the way to get to the front  – never, ever have I had to do that at a venue as small as Komedia. The power of Bastille.

What’s better is a band that stays after the gig to meet their fans: members from both Swiss Lips and Bastille were there and I can safely say they’re such lovely lads. All totally able to deal with my banter and often a-little-too-friendly nature, I had a slap fight with a guy from Swiss Lips and a stand-off with Dan from Bastille. Maybe I told them a bit too many times how big I think they’re going to be, but at least they can publicly thank me for my incredibly strong support and moving influence when they undoubtedly play a much larger set at Reading next year.

Buy their EP ‘Flaws’ from tomorrow, buy their album when it’s released early next year and be sure to check them out on their next tour: pinky promise you won’t regret it.

Flaws - EP - Bastille


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