Introducing: Willy Moon

Willy Moon is a hip shakin’, hair parted, suit wearing kind of guy with an obvious love of rock ‘n’ roll. His 50’s sounding songs have been fused with modern tastes and production, churning out a sound that the music scene has been lacking. But, when asked what he think would happen if he travelled back in time to 1950, he said he would ‘probably get lynched’. And it’s this that is somewhat fascinating to me: he’s got this incredible retro quality yet it’s so new, so fresh… and he’s going to be huge.

He’s also got an interesting background to him: born and brought up in New Zealand, his mother died when he wasyoung and his father was forced to move to Saudi Arabia: his 16 year old sister was left to bring up Willy, her twelve year old brother. He gave up with education at 16 and moved around,  doing odd jobs, when he got into writing songs.

Now, he writes, records and produces all his own songs, keeping them short and sweet: “Generally the most interesting stuff happen in the first two minutes anyway, the rest of it just bores me to tears,” he explains.

His newest song, ‘Yeah Yeah’ certainly has a more modern spin than his previous songs – there are elements of 1990’s electronic – but he brings it right back to his roots with his warm, deep vocals. He even says in the song that ‘I tried to have a little fun now’: perhaps justifying his progression from his other tracks.

If you want to check out his other tracks, I Wanna Be Your Man is 50s revival at his best (with a music video to match) and She Loves Me is an incredible concoction of retro, Elvis qualities with modern sound manipulating.

Willy is about to embark on a tour across the globe, see here for the full listing.

Yeah Yeah - Single - Willy Moon


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