Arctic Monkeys New Single: Listen


The countdown to the AM album, Arctic Monkeys fifth studio album, is ever more eminent as we now are just over a month away from its release (7th September).

So far we’ve been tickled and teased by just two tracks from this album: ‘R U Mine’ and ‘Do I Wanna Know’ – songs which have already led us to believe that their new album is going to be one of their best yet.

But now, a new track has been leaked that almost confirms this assumption; ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’ is a simplistic but fantastic song. Using just a few steady bass guitar notes mixed with Turner’s smooth vocals and an array of strings and cymbals – this is a laid back, conversational song telling one of Arctic Monkey’s many stories.

It’s pretty fucking brilliant.

Listen to it on tumblr, one of the few places that the song hasn’t been removed from. [UPDATE: THIS SONG HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED. THERE ARE NO NEW LINKS FOR THIS SONG, SORRY!]

Here’s the lyrics, if you’re interested.


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