A Playlist for…

There’s something about music that has the ability to encapsulate personalities, match traits or enhance emotions. It’s for this reason that I completely love music – it’s more than just a bunch of instruments and vocals tied together. It becomes a kind of emotional backdrop, another language, serving a unique purpose to fulfil that no other medium can. Everyone uses music for the same reasons, but everyone reflects it differently. So, I thought I’d take three of my friends – three very different personalities – and create a musical playlist that matched their identities completely… well, I’ll try me best! 

A playlist for… Charlotte


Charlotte is one of those people who completely embrace life and makes spontaneity a norm. Hilarious, never afraid to show others her weird side, and always having random outbursts of laughter – whether at an appropriate moment or not!

For these reasons, a fun playlist is a best reflection of her and artists like Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Empire of the Sun, Theme Park and M83  came to mind because of their playful, uplifting, euphoric tones.

A playlist for… Kelsey


Kelsey is unashamedly one of a kind with hippy tendencies and a carefree attitude. Immersing herself in other worlds through films, Kels loves all things from the past like Marylin Monroe or old films so creating a playlist that infused the best of 80s electro with 90s  Britpop and a modest sprinkling of the most current music would (hopefully) work. Think Moby, The Verve and Daft Punk for a confidently retro but blissfully upbeat playlist.

A playlist for… Emma


Ever the optimist, somehow Emma can always draw out a positive from any situation, however shitty. Happy yet mellow, I immediately think of more chilled, acoustic music with strong vocals to suit Emma’s personality.

Crystal Fighters, Jake Bugg, Sons & Lovers and The Maccabees encapsulate this kind of quiet happiness with their sunny tinted vibezzz.



I loved this little challenge and rediscovered a lot of artists across many genres which I haven’t heard for years! Hopefully I’ve done a decent job at matching songs to personalities – what do ya think?


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