Running is one of those things that I can neither confirm I like or dislike. It’s like chocolate cake – initially, the sight of airy sponge with whipped butter cream and lashings of chocolate shavings seems like an appealing prospect – yet, when I actually eat it, I realise maybe I don’t like chocolate cake at all as the first bite is sort of making me want to throw up.

What I look like when I run.

What I look like when I run.

Luckily for me, the past few weeks has provided me with a huge number of excuses not to go running. First, I just came back from working at Blissfields festival and was therefore far too physically exhausted from ‘arena roaming’ and welcoming people onto the site to even think about running. Then, of course, the heatwave was in full force and so running was just an impossible feat in such extreme weather. Finally, a tonsillectomy came as the third excuse not to go running. Now a week on from my operation and knowing that in a week I should be fully healed, I suppose I better ditch the excuses and prepare to start running again.

And what better way to encourage me to (clumsily, embarrassingly and slowly) run than a new running playlist.

I needed songs that had a constant, steady beat which would build up to a euphoric chorus resulting in the urge to push harder with running; this is why I used a fair amount of remixes such as ones from Kat Krazy and Gigamesh to get me in that running spirit.

Here it is anyway, 30 odd tracks of stimulating and encouraging songs, hopefully enough to keep you going through 45 minutes of discomfort.


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