‘Where The Heaven Are We?’ – Swim Deep album review

The too-cool-for-fashion foursome that brought you the sugar coated summer melody ‘Honey’ have plunged new depths with their début album, out today (5th August) ‘Where The Heaven Are We’? – a effortlessly coooool album with a bunch of sunny tinted, shimmery songs which, though they never reach a climatic point, all seamlessly flow happily from one to the other.


The album title itself bears an indicator of the tone of the album: Austin’s soft, hazy voice and the warm breeze of instruments that freely intertwine do create a ‘heavenly’ sound to the album, In fact, Swim Deep seems to have intentionally set out to have an album that encompass that laid back, hippy vibe – the sort that you’d listen to on a sunny, sleepy beach.

My particular favourite songs are, of course, the song that gave them a bit of limelight, ‘Honey’, but also ‘She Changed The Weather’ is refreshing change from the others:  combining an ascending piano scale with heavier drums and soft vocals, resulting in an emotive, impassioned love song.


Essentially, it’s a ‘lovely’ album, if such a word isn’t derogatory or insulting. I remember my A-Level art teacher once describing a huge, ink splattered sheep skull painting I had done as ‘lovely’ and I despised the word. But, such a word seems to fit in this case. Though some songs merge into another, verging on plodding along in a similar way, there’s enough of the good stuff to make this forgiveable. There’s no euphoric moment, resulting in a surge of emotion – but perhaps they wouldn’t suit this, perhaps it isn’t needed. Maybe this collection of twelve chilled tracks and its blissful outcome is what makes Swim Deep special – they provide a hopeful, cloudless album of simple happiness.


Buy it here, or listen to each track on Spotify below.


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