NEW SONG: Wombats – ‘Your Body is a Weapon’

You can always rely on The Wombats for a sickly-sweet medicinal dose of musical ecstasy. Undeniably formulaic yet crafted to indie-pop perfection, this band sell themselves on their ability to create a bloody entertaining record, like some sort of potion-concocting trio of indie sorcerers. ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division‘, anyone?

AND, they’re back. The Wombat boys have just put out their first new single, ‘Your Body is a Weapon‘, complete with an off-your-face-on-acid inspired music video.

Though unmistakably The Wombats due to the scouse vocals, this track marks a real shift from their previous stuff. This is mature – while still remaining to be full of a whole load of Wombats fun. Climatic chorus? Check. Irritatingly catchy; a song that stays with you like a fly that won’t piss off? Check. This is a Wombats triumph – markedly new yet still clutching onto the solid and established roots of what, deep in the crux, The Wombats are all about: making music that inspires the old and young to chill out, have fun, and have a bit of a sing-along.



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