NME Work Experience & My First Article For Them

NME work exp

The epitome of great music journalism, NME is a brand which I’ve always loved and grown up being aware of. There’s something quite prestigious about its long history and passion for sharing great alternative music. I started working with NME back in October 2012 – a pretty daunting experience – and recently worked with them last month. To put it short, NME is an absolute goldmine of opportunity.

When I most recently worked at NME, I worked with Lucy Jones, the Deputy Editor of NME.com. In case you didn’t know, NME.com is a hugely important part of the franchise and has 7 million monthly users. Out of what is probably sheer luck, I was asked to write an article on ’30 Autumn Songs’ which made it to the Number 1 ‘Don’t Miss’ feature on their homepage. It’s here, if you’d like to read it – or click on the picture bellow. The great thing about NME is that although you are often given the task of mundane transcribing or research tasks, a lot of them are very rewarding – to me, to participate in anything on the scale of NME is a massive privilege so even transcribing Jimi Hendrix’s brother, who’s voice gave me a headache whilst he spoke of Jimi’s ‘residual bitches’, is ace. And, like my jackpot with writing an article for NME.com, you do sometimes get little bits of gold dust working at NME. There’s so much potential.

Other cool stuff  can happen, like when Amanda Palmer and her band strolled in the office to play a really fun set of songs, and I end up joking with the drummer about her unusual set of props. Her husband, Neil Gaiman, a famous novelist, came in as well to watch. Or when you transcribe an interview, hearing first hand the musician talking about something surprising like when Jimi Hendrix’s brother, Leon, said that Jimi used to hear music in his head from the age of five and used to go screaming to his mother to make it stop. Or when you find a bit of graffiti by your desk written by The Libertines.

(Sorry about me sitting like a lemon in the background of the video).

At the end of the week you get the invaluable opportunity of writing a set of reviews and getting feedback from a member of staff. Lucky for me, the most recent work experience got me a meeting with the Reviews Editor, Tom Howard, a role I am pretty jealous of. He completely scrutinised every last word of my review, closely reading into every sentence and every last bit of punctuation. Thank God, but Tom on the whole liked it. Next time I’m up at the offices, he arranged that we’d work together. Oh, and it’s the NME awards. I’M EXCITED.

NME – watch out. I’m comin’ for ya.


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