There are many reasons why the Epic Sony signed, plasticy pop/dance sounds of the five Mancunians known as Swiss Lips should definitely be checked out by you – as soon as possible.

Firstly, they’re ace: they’re like a huge, retro-inspired ice cream sundae with loads of multi-coloured sprinkles of catchy melodies, bouncy guitar riffs and dance-inspiring choruses which everyone is invited to have a massive lick from.

Secondly, Sam Hammond, the front man of Swiss Lips, controls their Twitter (@SwissLips) which is constantly updated with hilarious and utterly random tweets. Ever feeling the need for a bit of fun on an otherwise shitty day? Swiss Lips’ twitter. That’s the solution.

Thirdly, the boys know how to have fun. Last October they threw a bunch of free, brilliantly fun parties in London at The Union where the likes of Bastille, Fenech Soler, The Horrors and many more came to DJ or perform. They also invited the star of their ‘Danz‘ video, a creepy, wizard looking gentleman called Barrington, who at the last party invited me to join him on a naked, erotic video in which I’d be covered in pigs blood. Oh, and there was free beer until 9pm or something. Wheeeey. There’s a band who knows how to treat their fans.

Their most well received hit is called ‘U Got the Power‘ and pretty much encapsulates the intertwining of dance and pop music that the band do so well. Scott Mills even named it as his ‘Record of the Week’.

They also did their own take on Frank Ocean’s ‘Lost’, stamping it with their seriously addictive, signature dance synths – it’s a beaut.

They’ve just released a new track, ‘Caroline’ which has a seriously cool interactive music video to go with it, and are set to release their debut album soon – the track ‘Books’ will be finally released with it which will certainly be one of the highlights of the album. So check ’em out, get on board the party bus and love the inappropriately titled, Swiss Lips.

Buy all their wonderful music here.


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