Swiss Lips

The Mancunian five, signed to Epic Sony, are a plasticy-pop band who don’t take themselves too seriously. ‘U Got The Power’ is one of their best yet and takes a retro dip into 90s dance: expect plenty of melodic hooks and high-energy choruses. They’re on tour with Bastille right now, and will be doing headline shows at Manchester, Sheffield and London in November – you’re guaranteed a very entertaining night.

Sir Sly

Dark and heavy, yet somehow refreshing, Sir Sly is no stranger to exposing shadows through their music. The LA trio are relatively new, but their six available songs pose promising talent. ‘Gold’ is a dark shade of a loss but eventual empowerment – chugging along with a heavy bass-line. They’re coming to Manchester and London in November, so if you know what’s good for you, check ’em out.

Sam Smith

Known for his collaborations with Naughty Boy and Disclosure, Sam Smith is set to sail high for 2014 – his soaring vocals could compete with Mariah Carey and his solo stuff is powerfully emotive. His new single, ‘Nirvana’ is a stunning sequel to ‘Safe With Me’ and has been praised by Dan Smith from Bastille, Theo Hutchcraft from HURTS and Radio 1. Catch him on his 2014 tour before he gets too big (and expensive) for our student budget.


A band that could well be models as well, the Seasfire boys from Bristol are no novice in creating atmospheric, eerie indie-pop. Josh Thorner’s vocals transcend in octaves throughout each song, creating some really
powerful tracks. ‘Oh Lucifer’ is their newest song and another highlight is ‘We Will Wake’ – a chilling but ultimately beautiful tune.

San Cisco

Hailing from Australia, San Cisco are all about creating happy-go-lucky songs which parade a colourful calibre of indie. Think a more chilled MGMT combined with a sweeter, crisper Noah and the Whale. Their song ‘Beach’ is sunny-tinted brilliance and can brighten any dreary day. Get a free download of ‘Metaphors’ on their Facebook page.

Words by Jess Dawson


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