Well, perhaps not literally explode. That would be sad.

But beneath the depths of the pool of undiscovered bands, submerged but bubbling under the surface, there are four musicians that are about to rise up like something out of Jaws.

Swiss Lips


I can’t really rave about the plasticy-pop, electro-dance, hipster clad five enough – they fact that their instantly catchy tracks haven’t got mainstream attention is quite simply PREPOSTEROUS. They’ve toured with Bastille several times, picking up dedicated fans along the way, all while making more sickly sweet indulgences of propah-gud pop music. An apparent bit of trouble with their record label, Epic Sony, seems to account for their lack of material being released, but an album is promised for 2014 which can only mean one thing: these boys are going to take offfffff.

Their new track is called ‘Fight For What U Need’, a thickly layered, synth infested song with maximum impact. Check out their most successful track, too, called ‘U Got the Power’ (I’m not sure why they like abbreviating ‘you’ to ‘U’ either).

Chloe Howl


The spectacular, sassy, stunning ginge is about to thrust herself right into your grill singing her instantly infection pop melodies with an edgy kick. These aren’t formulaic, stale songs but a whole new colourful palette of pop with a very British twist. Touring the country with the likes of John Newman and Bastille, Howl isn’t shy of famous admirers. A ‘Critics Choice’ runner up for the Brit Awards 2014, picked as one of iTunes best new artists and BBC’s sound of 2014 AND having been signed to Columbia Records not shortly after leaving school, Chloe Howl is about to storm through 2014, knocking out her competition with one DM clad kick.

The newest addition to her line of singles is ‘Rumour’, a punchy track brimming with witty lyrics Lily Allen style and bouncing along with a hooky synth riff (Chloe Howl style).

Clean Bandit


Clean Bandit have one pretty bizarre U.S.P: they somehow manage to mix classical, violin infused melodies with electronic beats, house-style hooks with pop-y elements – and they somehow do it very well. The Cambridge four have travelled the lands bouncing from festival to festival in a flurry of hype, solidifying a spring which they are sure to bounce off next year. 

Their new song ‘Rather Be’ featuring Jess Glynne demonstrates the extensive talent of Clean Bandit. This is chart-worthy, record-smashing stuff: electronic music has been taken to  new, skyscraper heights. Asking in their UK top 40 song, ‘Mozart’s House’: ‘So you think electronic music is boring? You think… It’s stupid?’ all while smashing this stereotype. With Clean Bandit, boring and stupid is off the menu – these lot are about to pave their way into mainstream attention, elevating the name of electronic music and creating ripples in the UK music scene.

Sam Smith


Another name that is not unfamiliar on my blog, Sam Smith is hands-down the most incredible vocalist my ears have ever had the pleasure of listening to in the flesh. His soaring voice smashes the glass ceiling of typical male vocals: Smith keeps going and going without any signs of backing down. Known for his collaborations with Naughty Boy in ‘La La’ – a voice I previously thought was autotuned because it was just too god damn GOOD – and Disclosure in ‘Latch’, this 21 year old ain’t stopping there. A beautifully composed set of songs have been steadily churning out of the S. Smith factory: ‘Nirvana’ is a incredibly dense, intricately layered love song and ‘Money on My Mind’ shows the peaks of Smith’s vocals. After casually picking up the Critic’s Choice Brit Award, Sam Smith is about to soar through 2014 at levels as high as his voice.

What do ya think? Who else do you think is set for big things next year?


3 responses to “FOUR BANDS WHO WILL EXPLODE IN 2014


  2. That Clean Bandit song is awesome! I’ve heard it before but had no idea who the band was. And you’re right, Sam Smith has already exploded into the music scene this year!

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