2013: The Best (and worst) of Radio 1 Live Lounges

Any band who’s anybody has, at least once, done a Live Lounge cover – from Olly Murs to the Arctic Monkeys. Some are disastrous – a grim concoction of two genres of which the artist has not been able to combine, or simply terrible live vocals (Take That covering the Kaiser Chiefs anyone?). However, luckily for us listeners, Radio 1 Live Lounge often graces us with spectacular beauties, and here are my top three.

Arctic Monkeys – Hold On, We’re Going Home

Who would have thought it. The Sheffield indie-rock chart soarers covering the famous hip hop song by Drake – and doing it well? If only I could cleanse myself from the experience of Alex Turner doing some pretty special Dad dancing then this would surely be perfect.

Peace – White Noise

Again, another unexpectedly brilliant cover of Disclosure’s UK no.2 hit single – Peace inject new found energy and present a fresh take on the dance song. The upcoming Worcester band slap a new bit of paint on ‘White Noise’ with a heavy guitar riff and Harrison Koisser’s rough vocals.

Chase & Status – Strong

chase and status pic

London Grammar are big news in the music world – their haunting vocals paired with an underlying current of electronic beats has made a name for them this year. So when drum and bass giants, Chase and Status, covered London Grammar’s beautiful song ‘Strong’, good things were bound to happen. With MOKO’s incredible voice and the kick of energy injected, this is one of the best live lounges yet.


Theme Park – Thrift Shop

Theme Park: I love you. Your ability to concoct a scene of caribbean bliss drenched in pineapple juice is second to none. But WHY did you cover an already laughably bad song and somehow make it WORSE?


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