SONG ON THE UP – It Gets Cold by Eliza and the Bear

eliza andthe bear

Meet Eliza and the Bear – the more exciting version of Mumford and Sons who, fortunately, don’t dress like ‘posh farmers with banjos’ (Jake Bugg, 2013).

They’ve got the stage presence that lifts any dormant or sedentary person off their feet and pushes them into a multi-coloured helta skelta of folk/indie-rock JOY. They also pump a bit of character into an otherwise saturated genre, making these guys stand out like a ‘Directioner’ in a Enter Shikari gig.

Check their new song, It Gets Cold, on YouTube (it’s going to be big).

I mentioned them wwwaaay back when I saw Imagine Dragons as they were supporting. Check the review here:

They’re on tour with another ace band called Sons & Lovers (who I have wrote about too many times) and Fred Page SOON. They’re all small, local and cosy, so it’s sure to be a great little gig. Get more info here.


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