It’s Friday. It’s the best day of the week. A sense of anticipation, excitement and the overwhelming thirst for alcohol (or a pizza in front of Sherlock, your call) takes over – the weekend is pregnant with possibilities. Let’s kick start it with five new songs (all of which are ridiculously good).

1. Clean Bandit – Rather Be


YES. The power of Clean Bandit, eh. Lot’s of people said, ‘Jess they’re too niche, they’ll never break mainstream’. But it turns out that the people of the UK are more than ready to embrace alternative pop. Clean Bandit are currently only NUMBER 1 IN THE UK CHARTS. Well done, guys.

2. Shy Nature – Lie Back

shy nature

It’s like Mystery Jet’s have been reborn – but sort of better. This is indie-rock so energetic that you will feel an overwhelming desire to bob your head or, in acute cases, start jumping around a bit. Hook heavy and anthemic, ‘Lie Back’ shows off their ability to create crafted and developed tracks.

3. Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones – I Got U


Expect summer to give you a cheeky wink throughout this song, all while teasing you with Caribbean steelpan sounds and shimmery cymbals. Duke Dumont is making a name for himself, experimenting with all kinds of pleasing sounds and somehow mashing them together to create some ace house tracks. Originally, I only knew Duke Dumont for creating some brilliant remixes but it seems he’s pushing the boat out and creating some original tracks which are technically very good: ‘I Got U’ does just this.

4. Pixel Fix – Fall

pixel fix

Full of psychedelic, dreamy synths and gentle, desperate vocals, Pixel Fix are chillingly hypnotic, enticing you in and submerging you in their world. The band from Oxford supported The 1975 on tour last year and are sure to hypnotise more and more people this year like a snake charmer, playing their instruments for us to respond in a dazed like manner, rising up, and buying their singles.

5. Ready for Your Love – Gorgon City

gorgon city

I think I might have tweeted this song about five times. Oops.

North London duo Gorgon City are ready to splat the UK with a sweet and sugary pie – take a slice of this pie and feel their gold standard House music flood through your body. In fact, this pie is so delicious that you’ll find yourself engorging on its goodness again and again. This is a pouncy extended metaphor for just how contagious and brilliant ‘Ready for Your Love’ is, so go on, feast yourself.


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