TRACK OF THE WEEK – There’s a Place by Arches

arches2014 house music, meet an old friend, 80s disco – the Belgium house producers, Arches, are not even a year old yet they’ve just churned out a solid track merging two very different eras with articulate skill.

It’s so new – and, initially, weird – to hear, it’s hard to distinguish whether this is God awful or pretty bloody brilliant. Luckily, it’s definitely the latter. OK, I think the ending is a little anti-climatic…although in a club environment it would be easily blended with the next track. But the bottom line is this: ‘There’s a Place’ is experimental electronic music that wants to be noticed.

The duo take inspiration from ‘New Beat’, which is apparently a genre a dance music originating from Belgium in the late 80s. It’s got all of that – retro vocals, grooooovy bass, a very old-school riff, but all tied in with modern house music technicalities.

It’s kind of ridiculous that these guys only have 155 followers on Twitter (including me). But, 2013 was a massive year for electronic music: Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ was the 2nd biggest UK single of the year; Avicii and ‘Wake Me Up’ was the 3rd biggest single; and Storm Queen with ‘Look Right Through’ (MK remix) got a number one place in the UK charts in November. At last, dance music has started to create major impact – and, with Arches’ talent for infectious, old school dance songs, when the track is released in April this could be massive.


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