NEW AND GOOD: 6 songs you might not have heard yet

Jungle – Busy Earnin’


Jungle are a mysterious bunch. Somehow, they’ve managed to muster up a strong fan base without even revealing their names or faces. But there’s a reason why so many people are loving Jungle: they’re totally new, feel good and happy. My pal Chris Melson managed to track them down for an exclusive interview for Forge Radio, check it here. OR, just enjoy the music (and the FRESSSH dance routine).


The Horrors – So Now You Know

the horrors

Taken fresh out of their to-be-released fourth studio album, Luminous, ‘So Now You Know’ already sounds like a classic. Yes, it has an overly dragged out introduction with nearly a minutes worth of not much. But when, 2 minutes in, the chorus kicks in with hypnotic, mysterious vocals and a psychedelic riff that The Horrors are known for, it’s jumpstarted – sprung into life, transforming it into something that sounds old-school but is distinctly new.

George Ezra – Get Lonely With Me

George Ezra, Agenda

The 20 year old Bristolian is going to be big news this year – his ability to bring bluesy, retro sounds to 2014 is something unique. This, and his incredibly deep, mature vocals have caught the attention of big names like Radio 1, BBC, MTV and VEVO. ‘Get Lonely with Me’ is from his newest EP, ‘Cassy O’ and it’s his sexiest yet. Cue a lot of ‘ooooooooos’ and a swinging chorus which makes this pretty bluddy brilliant.

Like it? Then check out my hilarious interview with him HERE – I may have questioned his sanity.

Foxes – Holding on to Heaven


Known for KICK ASS pop anthems, Foxes is new to the UK charts but she’s making one hell of a splash. ‘Youth’ reached number 12 in the UK charts, and ‘Let Go For Tonight’ reached number 7. Now, the 24 year old is coming back for more with her latest single ‘Holding on to Heaven’. The twinkling, shimmery track ticks all the right boxes, yet is also full of a sense of love and loss.

Kwabs – Wrong or Right


Kwabs, AKA Londoner Kwabena Sarkodee Adjepon (Kwabs is probably easier to remember), is a pro at cooking up soul, RnB and synth-pop all together is a delicious dish, with some sexy vocals chucked in for good measure. The whole problem with this track, though, is that it will only sound average, at best, on your tinny laptop speakers. Live, though, this will sound INCREDIBLE. Bear that in mind.

Shift K3Y – Touch

Shift K3Y IMG_8187

Music can sometimes be like friends. There’s Adele to reach for if you’re feeling down, there’s Chase and Status for a party and then there’s Beyonce, your best friend who will be there for you through everything. Shift K3Y is like one of people who you instantly warm to, who provides the alcohol at the parties and shows you the best night out. London boy Lewis Jankel is on tap for feel good house/garage tunes. (Also, check out his remixes on Soundcloud. They’re kind of amazing.)


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