NEW SONG: Clean Bandit – Extraordinary

The UK chart toppers Clean Bandit are back with another catchy, poppy but essentially new and different track that is set to do as well as ‘Rather Be’: BE EXCITED.


Starting off with synthy, haunting vocals and a mellow piano, it sounds like this track is going to be melancholic, full of love and loss. BUT, in kicks the clapping drums and a caribbean themed piano melody and it is metamorphosised into something that sounds a lot more Clean Bandit-y. Mixing all kinds of orchestral instruments with a speckles of summer sun and a garage/house beat, this is what Clean Bandit do best: mish-mashing all kinds of different sounds together to create an incredibly technically sound and feel good track.


Also, the music video is utterly beautiful. This is a video packed with an incredible array of scenes of coastal beauty and well thought out camera shots. Expect to desperately want to be on a beach (and to jump on the ridiculously hot violinist Milan Neil Amin-Smith).

Available to pre-order on iTunes here:


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