The 25 Hottest Men in Music – Part 1

I think this may be the best article I’m ever going to write.

Men in music, we all know, can be RIDICULOUSLY attractive – and here’s the cream of the crop.

25. Mike Kerr – Royal Blood

mike kerr collage

WHY HE’S HOT: He’s got that moody rocker vibe but according to his Twitter and Instagram pages, he’s got a playful side, too.

WHY HE’S NOT: He’s probably going to be too busy hanging out with Arctic Monkeys or stroking his newest guitar to have any time for you.

24. Dan Smith – Bastille

dan smith collage

WHY HE’S HOT: Dan’s got that modest, shy and kind of adorable personality that would attract nearly anybody. (See why in my interview with Bastille HERE).

WHY HE’S NOT: You’d have to battle off his thousands and thousands of teenage fangirls like something out of Game of Thrones – he does front one of the most radio-played bands in the UK, after all.

23. Nick Mulvey

nick mulvey collage

WHY HE’S HOT: Nick Mulvey has a very interesting life. He studied music in Cuba when he was 19 and then came back to the UK to study Ethnomusicology. So not only is he technically very, very able in all sides of music, he’s got some stories to tell.

WHY HE’S NOT: This guy is going to get bigger and bigger – and you’ll only get more and more insignificant.

22. Ricky Wilson – Kaiser Chiefs

ricky wilson collage

WHY HE’S HOT: For some reason, a lot of men seem to get better looking with age. Take Gary Barlow, David Beckham and Justin Timberlake, for example. And Ricky Wilson is no exception: his role on The Voice UK has sucked women in to his sexy lair with ease.

WHY HE’S NOT: His dress sense. Someone take him out of the noughties, please.

21. Matt Healy – The 1975

matt healy collage

WHY HE’S HOT: Why is arrogance so attractive? He’s quite happy strutting around, baggy hood up and ‘I’m cooler than you’ look ON.

WHY HE’S NOT: You may have to accept that he’s custom to supermodel girlfriends – and that you’ll be second best to his mirror.

20. James Blake

james blake collage

WHY HE’S HOT: Meet music’s number 1 nerd – he plays tons of instruments and has been nominated for a load of prestigious awards. NOT ONLY THIS, but he’s tall. And sexy.

WHY HE’S NOT: You’ll have to prevent his hair from straying too close to Justin Bieber’s 2010 days.

19. Liam Fray – The Courteeners

liam fray collage

WHY HE’S HOT: That intent stare, his knowledge of his own sexiness, his little hip shakes that he does when he performs…

WHY HE’S NOT: It could get slightly tiring telling him for the 61st time that no, his band is not the ‘best in the fucking world’.

18. Jared Leto – 30 Seconds to Mars

jared leto collage

WHY HE’S HOT: Comeon. It’s Jared Leto – he’s got the body and youthfulness of a 20 year old athlete and hair as silky as a Herbal Essences ad.

WHY HE’S NOT: You will inevitably have to accept his ‘interesting’ phases. Remember when he dressed as a woman or when he dyed his hair bleach blonde? Also, the lyrics ‘I’ll wrap my hands around your neck so tight with love‘ that he sings in ”Up in the Air’ is slightly unnerving.

17. Josh Gimber – Sons and Lovers

sons and lovers collage

WHY HE’S HOT: Why is dark, messy hair so sexy? Who knows, but Josh Gimber is a prime example. Deep in the sea of upcoming bands, Josh and his band, Sons and Lovers, are gleefully swimming around, ready to dive through the surface.

WHY HE’S NOT: He’s recently posted a picture of a man with a HUMONGOUS beard with the caption ‘the goal’ on Twitter. I do hope he’s joking.

16. Jesse Rutherford

jesse collage

WHY HE’S HOT: He’s the typically sexy leathered up, tattoo covered American dude. You’ll feel oh-so-cool radiating in his bubble of RAD.

WHY HE’S NOT: You’ll have to have a attraction for Cruella Deville – Jesse has been seen sporting her hair colour recently.

15.Milan Neil Amin-Smith – Clean Bandit

clean bandit collage

WHY HE’S HOT: He’s a violin player with a sense of humour. He’s also, you might have noticed, ridiculously hot – just watch Clean Bandit’s video for ‘Extraordinary’ HERE. Think of the possibilities: Milan could serenade you with a classical violin ballad while completely naked.

WHY HE’S NOT: You’ll be constantly envious of his massive array of patterned tops.


Who should – or shouldn’t – be on this list?



4 responses to “The 25 Hottest Men in Music – Part 1

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  2. Mike Kerr doesn’t come across as a “moody rocker” and Matt Healy is not arrogant at all.

    • You’re entitled to your own opinion but I do think Mike Kerr has a moody rocker vibe, I’ve never seen him smile in pictures or when he performs. And as for Matt Healy, every single time I’ve seen The 1975 he has made arrogant comments or mocked the screaming girls so that’s where those comments come from…

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