The 25 Hottest Men in Music – Part 2

Things are hotting up.

14. Jared Followill – Kings of Leon

jared followill collage1


WHY HE’S HOT: The stubble, the tousled hair, his love of leather… He’s a sexy rocker and brother to the lead singer of his band – you’ll be best pals with Kings of Leon in no time.

WHY HE’S NOT: It seems that he looks approximately 2.5 x better in black and white photos.


13. Alex Turner – Arctic Monkeys

alex turner collage


WHY HE’S HOT: He’s paved the way for guitar music everywhere. He’s ridiculously successful and a bit of a musical genius. Also, look at that quiff.

WHY HE’S NOT: I have to admit, the good ol’ rock n roll ambassador has been moved down a couple of pegs since I met him a couple of months ago. In real life, he just wasn’t nearly as hot as the internet would have me believe. He was kind of short, kind of clammy and his Sheffield/American accent was nothing short of CONFUSING. But let’s face it, he’s still pretty damn sexy.

12. Brian Willet – OneRepublic keyboardist

brian willet collage

WHY HE’S HOT: He sort of just jams in the background in OneRepublic gigs, not wanting much attention, yet his height and beautiful face shine bright like a diamond.

WHY HE’S NOT: There’s not enough photos of him on the internet. He’s preventing me from admiring his beauty any further.

11. Theo Hutchcraft – Hurts

theo hutchcraft collageWHY HE’S HOT:  We all know that men look better in a good fitting suit, and Theo has totally nailed this. Also, the fact that he’s totally down to earth and up for a laugh is VERY attractive.

WHY HE’S NOT: He’s often said that he never wears jeans, let alone tracksuits. Say goodbye to pajyama Sunday.

10. Josh Franceschi – You Me At Six

you me at six collage


WHY HE’S HOT: The sexy You Me At Six frontman knows how to work up a crowd and certainly knows how work up the ladies. The perfect stubble, the perfect hair, the perfect rough n ready dress sense. MMM.

WHY HE’S NOT: You’ll have to lie that you actually really like yet another of his band’s songs which definitely sounded just the same – and just as average – as the last.

9. Simon Neil – Biffy Clyro

simon neil collage

WHY HE’S HOT: Yes, Simon has gone through – how can I put this – interesting fazes, from his bleach blonde hair to massive, frizzy beards. But LOOK AT THAT FACE. And his beautiful tattoos! And his sexy ‘I don’t give a fuck what you think of me’ persona.

WHY HE’S NOT: He may be demanding you cook him and the band cookies after yet another session with a whole load of weed.

8. Enrique Iglesias

enrique collage

WHY HE’S HOT: The Spanish know how to charm, and Enrique has mastered this skill. Look at the seductive puppy eyes, the looking-out-into-the-distance pose, the toned arms… He’s GOT it.

WHY HE’S NOT: His love for the ladddiiiez – and himself – may be a bit overwhelming. His bedroom is probably plastered with moody, B&W photos of himself.

7. Elvis Presley

elvis collage

WHY HE’S HOT: He’s the King of Rock n Roll, he’s THE sexiest dancer and grannies everywhere were shrieking in dismay at the sight of his hip shakes. He’s got the moves and the hair that is still sexy today.

WHY HE’S NOT: Unfortunately, unlike the other people on my list, you have absolutely no chance of sleeping with this one.

6. Jody Brock

jody brock collage

WHY HE’S HOT: He’s nailed the smart/casual look. Ever so cool, but ever so slick with a nose ring to top it all off.

WHY HE’S NOT: Your mates won’t have heard of him.


Who should – or shouldn’t – be on this list?



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