The 25 Hottest Men in Music – THE FINAL FIVE

This is it. The final five. Prepare to be dazzled with unattainable beauty.

5. Aiden Grimshaw

aiden grimshaw collage

WHY HE’S HOT:Yes, it’s ‘that guy’ off of UK X Factor a while back. And yes, he’s still in music doing his own thing with some kinda obscure pop songs. But he’s nailed the moody, misunderstood look which just means he’s even more beautiful.

4. Michael Buble

michael collage

WHY HE’S HOT: I don’t care if people disagree with me on this one. Michael Buble is BEAUTIFUL – even more beautiful that he’s got a bit of meat on him and he’s not perfect. He’s a right lil cheeky chappy and one with a very nice teeth.


3. Brandon Flowers

brandonflowers collage

WHY HE’S HOT: I think I had a crush on Brandon Flowers even when he used to flounce around wearing feathers and eyeliner – these days, he’s a bit more into his leather and therefore a even more sexy. Just look at that smile and those shoulders. MMMMmmmmmmmmmm

2. Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake collage
WHY HE’S HOT: COME ON, it’s the infamous heartthrob J.T. He’s stunning, especially as he’s got older and ditched the shaven head and baggy clothes. Hello, sexy fitted suits and smooth quiff. You are welcomed with open arms.

1. Ben Montague

ben montague collage

WHY HE’S HOT: Yes, you probably won’t have heard of Ben Montague (not sure if this makes him being a winner an anticlimax?!) but he sounds a bit like Darius and he’s even hotter. Just watch his video and watch as his calf muscles bulge through his jeans, as he walks around all moody as the rain falls on his beautiful face, as his dimples make special appearances when he sings… This guy is a solid 10/10.


Who should – or shouldn’t – be on this list? Don’t agree with the winner? Comment below…

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3 responses to “The 25 Hottest Men in Music – THE FINAL FIVE

  1. As much as I hate to be a killjoy, (and I do appreciate all these lovely photos of beautiful and talented men) isnt this post sexist? Imagine the outrage if this blog was titled “25 hottest women in music”, telling people to check out the half naked ladies in their music videos (as you did with clean bandit’s violinist. While it would be fine if these men were models because they would have actively chosen to be judged on their looks, these guys aren’t. They’re musicians for the sake of music. To rectify this, you could do a page on the 25 hottest women in music, or 25 most talented male musicians. It’s just kinda uncool that you’re rating them on the size of their “calf muscles” or “dimples”.

    • This is just a light-hearted blog post, I’m not taking it very seriously – as you might be able to tell from all the cringe-y ‘WHY HE’S HOT’ ect. It’s a joke post and makes for a bit of a fun aside from all the more serious posts that big up talented musicians and incredible new tracks. Don’t take it too seriously – I’m not one to ever endorse sexism.

  2. The lead singer of Magic Man, Alex Caplow, is an absolute gem. He’s so adorable, and one of the kindest people I’ve ever encountered, and that was for only a few minutes after a show. He’s a great musician, and a really fun performer. Check him out!

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