There’s a pretty strong love-hate thing goin’ on for Alex Turner right now. Everyone knew he was a bit of asshole,  but then he slam-dunked with arrogance at the Brit Awards and now he’s placed the cherry on top of the cake with a new music video to Snap Out Of It.



The video, featuring some hot gal who seems to be inconsolably heart-broken, lasts the entire video crying for her loss (but somehow still looking smokin’ – WHO IS ATTRACTIVE WHEN THEY CRY?!) over Alex while watching lots of home videos of him. Oh, and she does this all either in a swimsuit or a tight pencil skirt and saucy bra. Just get in a onsie will ya.



Fans have not reacted particularly well.

Camila Chavarria

This is bullshit


 Luis Quevedo

I hope this video to be some sort of joke and they release the real video soon.


Rikke Bundgaard

not a big fan of this video, did expect something better tbh



These guys are starting to disgust me tbh..



What a load of shit.  Arctic Monkeys have never been the most likeable band but fuck me….


What do ya think? Should this video be taken with a pinch of salt or is Alex Turner’s ego hitting the glass ceiling?




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