SIVU and his best track yet – ‘Miracle (Human Error)’


Sivu is one of those artists who conjure up all kinds of feelings you usually don’t allow yourself to feel: like a musical sorcerer he uses his haunting vocals as his magic wand. ‘Come on,’ the 24 year old seems to say, ‘I’ve just told the world that I’ve felt shit and I’m sure you’ve felt like this too’. His poetic lyrics jab and poke into you, deep, deeper than most artists can manage to reach. There’s a beckoning sense of empathy in all of his songs – this is clearly a guy who’s in touch with his sensitive side.

The singer, from near Cambridge, has already brought out some great, and I mean great, tracks. I Lost Myself is evocatively beautiful, drawing on the feeling of total numbness and withdrawal from society. Better Man Than He is a kind of tribal, magical track with some seriously high vocals.

And then he went and slam-dunked with his new track, Miracle (Human Error). ‘Are you afraid of death? Because I am too’ are the words that greet you when you start to watch the video. It aptly sets the tone for the track – this song is one massive epiphany, forming an empowering sense of self-realisation. It’s got an Elbow-ish orchestral backing which swells and spirals as the song travels on its journey, pushed along by Sivu’s beautiful but eerie vocals that stretch and spring like an elastic band.


“Because it’s time to get right

This human air is what we’re made for

But now we’re dead inside

The ones and zeroes of a heart filled fire”


Sivu is making one powerful statement here. Are humans in this day and age solely-responsible for our own loneliness, emptiness and destruction?

The ‘Miracle (Human Error)’ EP will be released by Atlantic Records on 27th July with a remix and two other tracks which, judging by the quality of this track, is set to be incredible. PRE-ORDER HERE.

Check him out if you’re at some of the festivals below – he won’t be on such small stages next year.



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