The Best of Blissfields 2014

The beauty of Blissfields is that, like a a fortune-teller gazing intensely into her crystal ball, they seem to be totally on-it when it comes to getting the best new bands to play before they soar into stardom. Bastille, Mumford and Sons, Clean Bandit and Sam Smith are just a handful of great bands who have played at Blissfields’ humble set up before fame whisked them away.

This year was no different. Here’s the best of Blissfields.

Bipolar Sunshine


The Mancunian vocalist glided onto the stage, reflecting the breezy, British summer that submerged the crowd into a mellow happiness, and started singing ‘Drowning Butterflies’, coated in his syrupy-smooth voice. Regardless of the sadness in the lyrics, the songs bounce in a fluffy cloud of helium – beeaaaautiful for any festival setting.

Songs to check out:

  • Deckchairs on the Moon
  • Where Did the Love Go?
  • Love More, Worry Less

Dan Croll

Dan Croll

A slick fellow with a glossy mane and spectacles, Dan Croll is a rather charming 23 year old – and that’s before you hear his songs. Perching on one of the stage’s lion sculptures, Dan Croll sang to an audience that was effectively putty in his hand who moaned and groaned at the announcement that his set would be just 30 minutes long. Jumping from instrument to instrument, darting across the stage while coolly exhibiting his multi-instrumentalist skills, Dan shimmied through his sets without a dip in the quality.

Songs to check out:

  • From Nowhere
  • Home
  • Compliment Your Soul



Moving across to the electronic side of Blissfields – which, with DJs playing until the very early hours, dominates a large part of the festival – 2manydjs, the Saturday headliners, gave a finale like no other could. Mashing New Order, London Grammar and The Black Keys up in a multicoloured spectrum of skilfully mixed house music for a glorious 2 hours, you need to check these guys out. As soon as possible. As much as possible.

Other ace bands:

  • Kyan (I was working when he was on so can’t write about him – but check this artist out anyway)
  • Chloe Howl
  • Wolf Alice
  • Nick Mulvey
  • Dub Pistols


Did you go to Blissfields this year? Or do you want to go next year?


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