5 TRACKS FOR FRIDAY – 11.07.14

Kyan – Taking the City

Can I get enough of oh-so-cool, oh-so-smooth Kyan? The answer is a resounding no – and this is his best track yet. Standing on his tiptoes with a huge speaker phone, Kyan effectively shouts out in this song: ‘Guys! Get a load of this – I’m actually pretty damn good!’ It’s a massive stamp of triumph, a soulful, RnB track with so much power behind it that it’s no doubt that it will propel Kyan to bigger things.

Taken from Kyan’s ‘Days In A Triangle’ EP the single is out July 14th HERE. 

Dr Meaker – ‘Right Back’ Ft. Sian Evans

Bristol based drum&bass guru encapsulates summer in a perfectly composed frame, splashing multi-coloured coats of yellow, orange and red. With samples of funk mixed with a jazzy sax and smooth, air-whipped vocals from Sian Evans, this is a song where the urge to take your top off and pretend you’re somewhere in Greece has never been greater.

Out 14th July.

Bipolar Sunshine – Deckchairs on the Moon

Remember that blissfully sugary song from last year called ‘Love More, Worry Less’? Yeah, the Mancunian singer is back with yet another sunshine-drenched track coated with a generous dollop of dreamy, velvety vocals to accompany a music video where a girl with turquoise hair vomits milk, only for Bipolar Sunshine to smile in delight.

Out 20th July – pre-order here. 

Jungle – Time

Unveiling the mask of darkness and stepping into the very public spotlight, Jungle have finally revealed themselves to the world instead of playing gigs in total obscurity. It’s about TIME – and this is where their new song comes in (sorry, that was terrible). It’s got the whole smooth, funky vibes which is so distinctly Jungle but this time it’s paired with a pretty brilliant video.

Get their debut, self titled album on the 14th July HERE.

Eliot Sunmer – Information

London Grammar were, in fact, the one’s to introduce me to this incredible track – and god bless them for doing so. Eliot Sunmer, a British musician who usually goes under the band name I Blame Coco, is the daughter of Sting and has made a pretty good job of following him in his talented footsteps. The songs quickly sucks you up in a contradictory state of wanting to sob with despair and pump your first in the air. It’s bloody brilliant.

Catch her in London on the 22nd July – get tickets here. 


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