If you could paint the sound of The Weeknd in a rosy tint, pick out the swear words and embellish with poetic, cinematic lyrics, then you’d get something that sounded quite like Kyan, one of the most promising artists of 2014.

Calmly bubbling to the surface in a sphere of cool, Kyan has risen humbly but with quiet power. Churning track after track like a piece of machinery chugging along with no signs of deterioration, gulping and guzzling at every bit of inspiration, Kyan has started to shape a promising archetype for his musical fingerprint. He’s crafted a period drama into a beautiful love song in his newest track, ‘Insert Runaway’, then there’s the woozy, intoxicated ‘Days in a Triangle’ and the foot stomping power rampage ‘Taking the City’.

Heavily layered like an oil painting, commanded by synth and carefully composed keys, it’s easy to be submerged between the lines of Kyan’s enchanting lyrics.



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