*A lot of you have been wanting this page for MONTHS. Sorry about my general lack of desire to talk about myself ha*

HELLO! I’m Jess and I’m sort of a massive music geek. I love finding new bands that I know will be huge, and writing about them before they are, so I thought I’d make my own space where all of my favourite new – and old – bands can be for all to see. The very website you’re on RIGHT NOW is the product.

me abi rach

That’s me in the middle. Short hair, 5 foot 11 (yes, taller than most) and 19 years old.

I study Journalism at the University of Sheffield – since I was 15 I knew I wanted to be a journalist of some sort so this course is something I have been waiting to get stuck into FOR A WHILE.


So nearly five years down the line, I’m now (proudly) the sub-editor of Subba-Cultcha.com, a 10 year old magazine dedicated to new bands for students. It’s a massive step up but one that I’m loving! I was also shortlisted for a Radio 1 and 1XTRA 2 month paid internship and had a day at the studios being assessed and interviewed – but unfortunately my nerves got in the way! I frequently intern for NME and am due to take on the role of staff in September – I’ll be writing for NME.com for a month wooooo!

I’ve got my own radio show called The Pre-kend Show, which is on at 4-5pm every Friday on Forge Radio. I’m also on the music committee at Uni and have a wicked time choosing what new songs we’re going to be putting on the radio playlist. I also have worked with Kasabian’s official photographer, Sugar Magazine as an acting fashion editor from their huge ‘Teen Power’ competition and written for a lot of magazines such as NME, The Skive, Wireless and ITNO,


Apart from journalism/music related stuff, I love having a good laugh, being inappropriately weird, travelling, fashion, beauty, makeup, shopping in all kinds of obscure vintage markets in Camden and eating Nutella with a spoon. I love Barcelona, too, so I’m going to live there in 2015.

I also have an amazing dance move called ‘the penguin’. I’ll show it to you if you’re lucky.

Ways to contact

Personal email: jessica_dawson7@hotmail.co.uk

Subba-Cultcha email: jessica@subba-cultcha.com

Twitter: @jess_dawson_


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