10 Things I Learnt at the NME Awards and After-Show

1. Preparation for the NME Awards takes a LONG time

And a lot of posters.


2. Alex Turner is a cool guy.

me and alex turner arctic monkeys

Alex Turner has caused a rather large stir lately with his Brit Awards speech – people everywhere were crying out about how much of an arrogant prick he was. But really, Alex is a class A lad and the music industry would be pretty fucking dull without him.

3. Haim are the nicest band ever


A lot of people who aren’t actually a big deal are up their own arses – yet Haim are ridiculously down to earth and see themselves no higher than others. They were more than happy to get a photo, they are fine about making a fool out of themselves and they graciously accept compliments. At the after show Este from Haim came and sat next to me and we had a huge chat and she told me why she was feeling down that evening. After a cuddle, we went to find the rest of Haim and the care they have for each other is just so sweet. LOVELY GIRLS.

4. A free, unlimited bar is a dangerous bar

So at the start of the night we were offered an array of free, Tequila based drinks which I made great use of. At the after show, you could get whatever you god-damn wanted for ZILCH. That is pretty amazing but pretty scary too. *Do not get too drunk with celebs. Do not get too drunk with celebs*.

5. This bad boy can do wonders


An Access All Areas pass is basically the best thing ever. Want to stand right at the front of the venue? Just show your AAA pass. Want to move from one side of the stage to the other without pushing through lots of people? Go round backstage, walk behind the stage and pop out the door the other side. Want some free alcohol? Go backstage to the catering room where there’s bottles and bottles of wine and beer. Want to meet your favourite band? Go to the press room, they’re probably there. Want a better view of Blondie performing? Go backstage and onto the stage to watch them from behind. Get the idea?

6. Huw Stephens is pretty loveable

huw stephens1

When I first saw Huw backstage a few hours before the event started,we had a quick smile at each other and I sort of knew he was a decent kinda guy just from that. We spoke properly on the stage while watching Blondie and several more times at the event and after party. He’s just got that totally chilled, laid back attitude that’s so, so nice in a person. Shame he didn’t pick up on my hints to get work experience at the BBC. 

7. Carl Barât from The Libertines seems to think we are best friends

As me and the girls were walking through a door to another room in the after party, Carl Barat literally grabbed me by the arm saying, ‘Hey! Oh my God hi! How are you doing? What have you been up to? Great to see you!’ combined with multiple hugs and kisses on the cheek. Thinking it would be funny, I went along with it, replying with ‘Ah great to see you too! Been a while, Carl!’

8. Sketch has the most BIZARRE toilets

So the after party was at this pretty ridiculously amazing hotel/restaurant/bar thing called Sketch. It seemed like an endless maze of these incredible rooms but the toilets were just SOMETHING ELSE. So you go up these stairs and then…
WOW. You step inside actual eggs to wee. This was my reaction:
toilets in sketch london

9. Peter Crouch is a hilarious dancer

Peter Crouch was LOVING LIFE last night – dad dancing galore. I thought it would be fun to put mine and his clearly impressive dance moves together so we had a right lil dance.. for about thirty seconds until his wife Abbey Clancy stole him from me.

10. Random stuff can happen

lily allenme and peaches geldof

For instance, meeting Peaches Geldof and Chloe Howl in the most glamourous of places: the toilets. Or shouting ‘Sheezus’ at Lily Allen for her to laugh. Or Lily Allen mistaking my friend Anique for a member of Little Mix. Or not realising you’re talking to Diana Vickers until after the event. Or exchanging a few smiles with Keisha from the Sugarbabes. How about watching The Sugarbabes (or MKS) dueting with Metronomy? And seeing THE Paul Mccartney just a few metres away? Or seeing Lily Allen win best solo artist ahead of David Bowie (ERM?) It’s kind of weird the stuff that goes on – but that’s why it’s brilliant and I had an ace time with the other work exp girls.




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